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WEB MEDIA AGENCY combines the principles of traditional PR and building quality relationships with digital media, while respecting the principles of SEO and link building on the web. In this way, we help the brands to communicate directly with their target audience on the internet, transforming the static news in active communication with the target group.

Our goal is to connect and to create a dialogue between the brand and consumers and to, in accordance with the media, adjust the content so that it interests our target group. In addition to cooperating with digital media, our cooperation includes a good understanding and collaboration with digital inluencers. Read more about it at http://www.wma.rs/en/Services/INFLUENSER_MARKETING.html

Our expert approach involves:


- stimulating the interest in the brand, product or service by creating the appropriate online content (customized texts, video clips, blogs);

- promotion of the brand / product / service on digital media, social networks and responsible and meaningful communication with the target group, particularly in crisis situations;

- keeping creative influencer marketing strategies in order to effectively spread awareness of the brand / product / service to thousands of potential customers and consumers.


Advantages of Digital PR communication of the brand / product / service are manifold. On the one hand, in this way, the content has an immediate impact on the target group that can share it on social networks, the media and / or blogs. The results of the interaction of the target group with the content can be measured in real time. On the other hand, digital PR helps brand / product / service to create a receptive picture of its self in the digital world.


Some of the examples of digital PR that we have done for large international brands can be viewed and read at the links below: