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Layar application

Layar application

Layar application- for the first time in Serbia used for business purposes.

Especially for Erste bank campaign- Youth account, Web Media Agency used Layar, an application for smart phones and tablets. For the first time in Serbia, Layar is used for the needs of a company.

Layar is a new platform for augmented reality. Due to Layar, a two dimensional, static print is given a third dimension and a possibility to become interactive.

Augmented reality (AR) introduces an innovative technology which “improves” the reality via digital channel. The environment which surrounds us gets a new layer of digital information- video content, photos and sound.

By using the Layar application, print, billboards and posters come to “life”. By downloading the application to your smart phones and scanning the certain elements, it is possible to see interactive content-video clip created in a collaboration with “Zemlja gruva”. Other than that it is possible to connect with Erste bank via two social networks- Instagram and Foursquare.