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Magic before midnight ball – Banca Intesa

Magic before midnight ball – Banca Intesa

Project – Magic of the midnight ball

Tehnology – Microsite
Duration – 23.09.2016 – 25.10.2016.

In association with Banca Intesa Mastercard® we made a contest for a period of one month during which we had a total of 83 unique participants, among whom were those who participated more then once.

The main objective of the contest was to connect three brands – Banca Intesa, Mastercard® and  Disneyland® Paris, rewarding the loyalty of fans, the acquisition of new fans and animating them.

The competition consisted of paying with Banca IntesaMastercard® credit cardsfor over a 4.000 rsd, registrating and posting a short video to the microsite carolijapretponocnogbala.rs. Winners were chosen in relation to the criteria of creativity and originality of the videos by a three-member jury.

There was a total of 20 awards, including two major prizes, a weekend trip to a  Disneyland® Paris for the whole family while consolation prizes were vouchers for Dexi Co toy store.

Impressions of the participants

„Visiting  Disneyland® Paris is truly an unforgettable, beautiful adventure which provides an unforgettable moments for the children as well as socializing with all the Disney heroes as if they were alive. Alice, Peter Pan, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie, Donald, Tinker Bell, Elza, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty even us parents brought back to the childhood and revived many beatiful and somewhat forgotten memories.“ – Family Radosavljević.

„Everything was magical and colorful in  Disneyland® Paris, just as we have imagined. The sence of New Year was there. Lights twinkled as if Tinker Bell sprinkled magic dust. I am thrilled that I have met my favourite princesses at the Magic of the midnight ball. My brother was really happy when he took a picture with the Goldilocks, his favourite princess. It was magical and I really felt like a real princess. In these few days, my family has experienced a true fairytale that we will never forget.“ – Nina Andrejević.